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DoubleTree by Hilton is an American hotel chain and a part of Hilton Worldwide. Most DoubleTree hotels are independently owned and operated by franchisees, but some are managed by Hilton Worldwide. DoubleTree has been the fastest growing Hilton brand by a number of properties since 2007, and by the number of rooms from 2007–2015, until in 2016, Hilton Garden Inn opened more rooms. As of December 31, 2018, it has 559 properties with 130,714 rooms, including 117 that are managed with 33,779 rooms and 442 that are franchised with 96,935 rooms.

DoubleTree competes in the full-service category, alongside sister chain Hilton Hotels & Resorts. Among the many signature, things that DoubleTree is known for are their chocolate chip cookies, which were originally made in the early 1980s for VIPs but now given to all guests and made by Nashville-based Christie Cookie Company for over 30 years.

A former Chef de Cuisine advise to run away of working at DoubleTree by Hilton in a review he wrote for INDEED: "They don't pay you what they promised. They promise to keep giving you raises only to get what they want from you. Too many unqualified people managing and thinking they are a boss. Over 25 years in the culinary industry and watched a former coworker I worked with at a previous job, receive a line lead/ sous position. They had no leadership skills very little culinary skills. Other employees getting paid more due to who they knew."


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Former Employee - Managing Director says

"60 hours a week, owners talked to you like trash"

Current Employee - N/A says

"Is the type of place that drains all the passion for the business"

Current Employee - Housekeeper says

"Unrealistic expectations, disrespectful and careless management."

Current Employee - Restaurant Manager says

"Overload on hours, bad pay, sexist against women, HR is a joke"

Former Employee - HOUSEMAN says

"Management especially This banquet captain Joanne, very mean to workers"

Sales Manager says

"Horrible management is not supportive and growth potential is almost non existent."

Former Employee - Office says

"Management is a joke. It is like being High School the more drama they can create the better it is for them. They like to play good cop bad cop and be careful what you say because some people like to document everything you say and send it to upper management."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Disorganized and they are careless about employees. Heavy on favoritism, and extreme with criticism. Was brought to tears many times after work because of stress. No accountability, theft was apparently okay for some people but not others. They don’t offer diverse options for food for employees or customers with dietary restrictions. Lacking in nutrition. Often things are left and labels are only used sometimes. Lacking in training- I was trained by a seasoned employee and they didn’t even know the table numbers. Pay is not competitive and heavily taxed of you end up making more. Once they have their minds made up about you it’s hard to get back to a decent work environment because they make it extremely uncomfortable for you to work. Hostile Not once did we have a staff meeting, not one time even though there were many problems and concerns brought to light. This is where things get frustrating because when things are not getting done and you’re not being heard then performance is going to drop or leave all together. When you disrespect your employees by not listening to the problems they are having then it shows them you don’t care, so why should the employee bend backwards to make the company better, when the company could care less about you. Which is exactly what happened, they wear you down until it’s impossible to make the situation positive and workable."

Former Employee - Laundry Attendant says

"Pay is terrible. Less than $10/hr even after a raise AND employee of the month. Unorganized. GM only cares about money and he pushes all the managers to do the same. The employee budget is so low. My department didn't have enough employees on a shift to carry out the expectations of management. (If you were wondering, no, nobody slacked off. The entire housekeeping department depended on laundry)"

Former Employee - Coffee Shop Attendant says

"No training, they throw you in expecting you to know already. Childish environment/high school."

Housekeeping (Former Employee) says

"Double tree is one of the most annoying places to visit . they never do their jobs right and when someone has a problem, besides them fixing it they try to bribe you by giving you free dinner or breakfastNo free lunchesShort breaks"

cocinero (Former Employee) says

"Pesimo lugar para trabajar, los jefes son unos déspotas"

Laundry Worker (Former Employee) says

"I worked here for over a year management is bad and don't care for employees. You don't get raises at all. They have people that walk out twice and come back as management because she one of the supervisor daughter. Housekeep slept with a guest for money and still there nothing was done. They talk to u bad.Anyone can get a jobYou are treated you bad at this company housekeeping is the worst"

Front Desk Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"Management is terrible! They don't care about employees whatsoever! The managers are almost impossible to get a hold of in an emergency and they even put their phone on dnd & when you do get a hold of them they can't ever help or its always out of their hands! When it comes to safety for the employees forget it! I am not the only one but only speaking for myself. I had a guest throw throw money at me and then proceeds to threaten me and when asked to not do it again, he complained to management and wanted a written apologie. After refusing to do so my general manager had the front desk manager type one up anyways and put my full name on it and gave it to the guest as if it was from me when clearly I did not approve of it nor want to apologize for taking that disrespect! If you try to go to the general manager about anything because you feel unsafe or its a toxic work environment. Its completely ignored and brushed off and same thing with fd manager because they don't like confrontation or constructive criticism so its really difficult trying to work in such a toxic place in general. They keep sweeping things under the rug and letting the guest do and say basically whatever they want even when you tell them you don't feel safe!!! Literally two new hires noticed the toxic environment immediately and one quit after their first day and the other one is still there hoping to be able to change it for the better but noticed its almost impossible as seeing they are very discriminating as well!!!! If you want to apply here just be sure to have a lot of patience and good luck .The discounts on roomsEmployees have to pay for parking and they currently stopped doing raises as well."

F&B Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Over 30k in tips stolen from staff since the majestic hotel was taken over by hilton. Understaffed and over worked. No training, abusive head chefs yells at all of us all the time, so does the breakfast manager and the c&b manager. No one cares about us!!! Can't log into anything ever, no one fixes our logins, have to remind managers of days off all the time. Nice people dont last here. no one tells us whats going on, full of agency staff cause no one will work here, staff food is gross but always runs out, chef throws out leftovers and wont let us eat themNo tips, Not Training, Constatn abuse, overworkingHilton staff rates (if we ever get holiday to use it!!)"

HVAC/R Service Technician (Former Employee) says

"I truly only liked the supervisor,when he made sense! Nothing more too talk about, worked only a few months part time! That made me want to vommit!!!!!!!NoneAll employees!"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Owners and hr worst ever Hilton is an excellent company.but the ownership company no support .there way or the highway.HR worst ever .gossip ,unfairness no clue what an HR manager is about.NoneEverything"

Housekeeper (Former Employee) says

"Absolutely awful experience this horrible house keeping manager.that couldn't speak a word of English.i she accused of me.for to talking the the guests to much. Discusting .the people you employ have no people skills.l should know ive worked in hospitality for years.and this so could manager so rude.NothingNothing"

Housekeeping Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Not professional place to work at and had people coming from the front desk without experience to housekeeping and always running out of supplies. Wouldn’t never let the supervisor tell them on there inputs about housekeeping and how it was and should be tinned the right and correct wayN/aN/a"

Room Attendant/Housekeeping (Former Employee) says

"This was the worst job ever! I worked here for a year before i decided to quit. They have supervisors that literally sit and watch you clean while making disgusting comments about how good you look or how women are supposed to clean while the men do other work, they will blow kisses at you and wink at you while you're cleaning. I specifically had a supervisor say "I don't care if you're on your period, Double up on pads and get back to work". They are constantly running out of cleaning product, gloves, toilet paper, soap/shampoo because they don't have enough budget. When they run out of cleaning product and gloves they force you to clean without gloves and use WATER to clean the bathrooms which is SO UNSANITARY. They only had 2 working vacuum cleaners so the rooms would go MONTHS without being vacuumed, they would just make us use a sticky lint roller to pick up things off the floor to make it look clean. The supervisor I had was (in his 40's) having relationships with a 20 year old housekeeper turned manager because of the relationship and they would always sneak off into a vacant room for hours on end. He also allowed her to bring her son into work, her, her mom (who also worked there) and the 2 year old would spend the whole day in a vacant room WHILE ON THE CLOCK basically babysitting instead of working. She was also always leaving while on the clock to get her nails done or go shopping then come back and show off to everyone. They don't have enough house keeping carts for all the housekeepers, so the housekeepers are always fighting for a cart or getting things stolen"

Server (Former Employee) says

"Nobody would listen to any concerns. Leave your personality at home and be ready to jump as high as they tell you, otherwise you are a rebel and they outcast you. But, there is a beautiful view.The guestsManagement and senior employees."

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Currently working here and the executive level managers are terrible. There is far too much politics, and in the years I’ve been here, I’ve seen many great employees fired because the executive level TMs feel their authority was being challenged. HR Director is a joke, can’t be trusted to actually follow through on complaints, other than to tell you that “we are looking into it.” Those that complain get fired..Do yourself a favor, work someplace else.PtoEverything else"

Night Auditor/Front Desk Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Do Not Work Here!!!!! I was an employee here. I am very good at my job and I have over 6 years worth of customer service and front desk and night auditor position working for various hotels this was one of the worst Hilton properties I have ever worked at management was terrible they do not listen to the concerns of their team safety is non-existent at this hotel I would advise you to either have pocket knife or mace and they refused to have cameras for front desk to secure the safety of others as well as the property Two deaths have happened at this hotel"

CHEF (Former Employee) says

"The DoubleTree by the Dayton Mall in Ohio is the Worst operation I've ever had the Displeasure staying at in my Life the GM is totally inapt at her Job....The Kitchen staff ain't No BetterNo prosEverything"

Server and Bartender (Former Employee) says

"expect you to do more with less always say flexible but not a chance of that happening they dont want to improve their sales no matter the cost go ahead and lose money"

Housekeeper (Former Employee) says

"management is all over the place. this is the single most disorganized business ive ever seen in my life. the turnover rate is so high because they have yet to get it together. new hires may not even be able to be trained because there's never any time to spare as each employee does the work of 5 employees. on my first day almost everyone i met told me that i am going to end up quitting and every single person seemed to hate their job. stay far away from this place. the measly scraps they throw your way are not even worth it."

Hotel - Front Office Assistant/Admin (Former Employee) says

"Bullied by my manager, they didn’t care about you as person or your well-being and the hotel guests were a nightmare. The hotel would bit off more than it could chew and had more complaints than praises also."

Laundry Attendant/Housekeeper (Former Employee) says

"This place is the worst to work for u get hired for one position but they train u in all positions just incase someone calls out they can use u . So a typical day u might be doing rooms or laundry or lobby you really dont know. Managers suck they do nothing but gossip and stay on there phone or walking around flirting with the houseman. Trifling but I wouldn't recommend no one to work here (pikesville area)"

Night Manager (Former Employee) says

"I do not recomand this place ...Stay away from this place ...Reception manager blonde very rude ..I work night shift and day shift they don t care..Is the most rude manager from my life..I don t know how can be manager with no experience this girl ...Another colleague she said to me this manager very rude , lol...Where is the head office for this place to check what is wrong with this Swindon Doubletree? girl because she bring only english people in reception...."

Maintenance Technician (Former Employee) says

"Use and abuse you for pennies. Was fired over accusation. Offer the worst raises I've ever seen. They treat you like property and not people. Never again"

Qiana Monteiro says

"I’m a Hilton honor member and I’ve been to so many Hilton’s , specially in my home state of Mass . I went to one in Cambridge Ma on soldier field road and it was the worst . I didn’t know parking was and extra 50 dollars and then they charged me an extra 250 and said I removed a smoke detector 🙄and accused me of a possibly having a party . I am 43 yrs old having parties in the middle of covid or at a hotel is not my character . I’ve never had an issue with any Hilton until Stay at this location . 1 night stay costed me 550 ."

Helen Fielding says

"Still waiting for refund for London Excel hotel booked for April which we cancelled in March as soon as we found out the London Marathon was cancelled. Have chased a number of times via phone, email and twitter and keep being told that we can’t have a refund until the hotel is open. Our second booking for the London Marathon at the Premier Inn in October was refunded to us on the day we cancelled. I’ve now been waiting nearly 6 months for a refund I was told initially would be processed in 10 days."

Respect my privacy says

"Hilton Garden Inn Washington DC. . Room is a torture Chamber. Bed burns skin. Electrical device under mattress. Some device over room. Asked to be put in a room where I could survive the night. Same in next room. Hilton Indianapolis, same experience. Plus soap is toxic, lye? Complained to management. Hilton Boston Logan. Meds tampered with, room sprayed with radioactive spray?"

Terri Oliver says

"WOW! 1 star because it was required to annotate a review, zero stars if I could. Hilton offered stays for frontline workers during Covid 19. My husband and myself are both ICU nurses that booked this stay. One week before we are supposed to arrive, we just got a call from the Hilton Doubletree that they are booting us from our reservation and cancelling because it is Memorial Day Weekend and they want paying guests. They flat out admitted that they are booting their good will offer in order to make money. SHAMEFUL!! I will be reaching out to every healthcare platform I can find to notify the healthcare community of this company’s greediness and lack of support during this time."

Mick Janes says

"Just a word of warning this hotel say they cannot issue refunds in the hotel’s behalf. I am not sure what they are playing at but I think they are stalling releasing any refunds probably as they may be near to bankruptcy. They are just giving you excuse after excuse so they can keep your money BEWARE"

Martin Chandler says

"Hilton's TV advertised "Price Guarantee "

Dont bother with trying to claim against it as it is not really a price guarantee as they only compare against prices that have the same terms and conditions as theirs which makes the whole thing a total waste of time.

Tried 3 times with cheaper quotes only to get a blank over room type/payment method/time difference over claim.

To advertise that you guarantee the cheapest price then hide behind the small print is the sort of behaviour which makes loyal clients go elsewhere"

André Hefner says

"We spoke with the desk on phone before booking and they promised we could bring our 3 small support dogs but after we booked and paid we were told that we were only allowed with one dog and that we had to choose which one we wanted in the hotel, as we can just leave the two others on the street. And they refuse to refund the money i paid for the stay. The way they did this is deffently fraud and extremely unprofessional, so i encourage all pet owners to stay far away from Hilton"

Richard Grace says

"Booked a stay at Doubletree Hilton Majestic in Harrogate for Christmas. The organisation for the Christmas lunch was disastrous. They had no idea of a seating plan, no idea of preselected menu choices and took nearly 2 hours to get the main course served. The meal was obviously reheated and therefore tasted like a school dinner. Worst of all the operations manager of the Hotel has ignored all complaints. I cannot believe such bad service and lack of care from such a well-known company. Best avoided"

Chris Herndon says

"Hilton, Doubletree in Rohnert Park is outdated, rugs are dirty, rug in hallways bunched up in places (hazard areas), and cleaniness just not up to a 4 star hotel. On top of that, I was not able to sleep because guests were partying all hours of the night walking the hall talking loud. I was told a nightly fee charge a $10.00 to park your car in their parking lot and the parking fee is going up next year to $20.00 per night. Next time I will stay at another hotel in Sonoma."

GMC says

"Went to Reading for dinner and Buble/Robbie tribute evening. The act was amazing, couldn't fault, everyone loved him, but the food and service was dreadful. All over cooked and re-heated, had to get our own water, and from sit down at 7.30 , dessert was still being served at 11. Apart from undercooked piece of chicken, we couldnt tell what else was on our plate, was all same colour and just floppy and horrible. Big disappointment for all of us on a large family gathering, along with many other people who were there, such a shame, with such an outstanding singing act, could have been epic."

Dan Ciora says

"Honestly?! Double tree from Coventry are the worst experience ever in my life... Very rud staff... They are not wearing any batch name, can be anybody there... You don't know who are they... They have no clue how to deal with a customer."

J S says

"Honestly? I didn't even get a chance to stay yet. Ive been trying to block rooms for a wedding for a month now! I spoke with someone on the phone who told me I'd have a quote within 48 hours. That was 2 weeks ago. Ive sent two follow up emails with no response."

Sapphire Tulloch says

"My review is based upon doubletree Hilton milton Keynes. I made a reservation in August for Christmas day as im spending it with family who live in milton Keynes. A couple days ago i was sent a email from a person named Michelle staplehurst saying they are cancelling my reservation as the hotel is closed. Email below..

Dear Kamella Tulloch

Subject to your future reservation with us I would like to bring to your attention that our business demands during the festive period have been challenging and as a result, following a strategic review of our business, we have made a decision to close the hotel for accommodation during 24th – 26th of December 2019. Your reservation will therefore be cancelled on the 31st October 2019.

I told them this is not acceptable as i have made plans and a apology will not be accepted for this cancellation that i haven't agreed to!

Then i was told that jurys inn have room which i think is so rude considering its not close to the suite that i booked with doubletree..

Then i was told the hotel is NOT closed it is open but i have to stay a minimum of three or four nights.
I made my booking directly with hotel so they shouldn't have taken my booking in the first place.
This is not acceptable especially for a mistake on their behalf. Customers are meant to come first but obviously not with this hotel. I still have no room and they dont seem to care.

This is the worst hotel service ive had with them so far

Very angry customer
K tulloch"

Mrs Hewlett says

"I expect to pay the same as everyone else- regardless of my physical disability not the same and receive less, to be treated as equal. When booking on line direct ADVISED TWO SINGLE BEDS- not ideal when you are celebrating 16 years of marriage!!!. I phoned Stratford Upon Avon Double Tree and spoke with Deputy Manager to be advised they have two accessible rooms, both with two single beds - at the end of last year the Q Hotel was taken over by Hilton and they are looking to refurb next year- It has already been 8 months Hilton!!!!! IDEAL WHEN YOU WISH TO STAY NOW- whilst TRYING TO help gave his recommendations for a different hotel- which it turned out was not highly scored on Trip Advisor.

I phoned a Hilton toll free number as advised by a virtual chat person (it wasn't toll free) eventually got through to America to lodge my Formal Complaint as a HH member- when going through everything Deidre then called me HANDICAPPED- I ADVISED THAT WAS RUDE AND OFFENSIVE- SHE DID APOLGISE.

Hilton if you have a Disability Policy it is failing miserably.

I asked if there was a view from the accessible room- some shrubs, private road that meanders around the estate and car parking spaces- directly to the left of the window- leaving opportunity for loud car stereos- slamming doors at all hours etc.

How hard is it to remove two single beds and replace with a queen/king- why automatically assume everyone is taking a carer with them and requires two beds - you have two rooms- make one with a queen.

I didn't advise the Deputy Manager my husband and I were celebrating our wedding anniversary- why should I- as husband and wife most people wish to stay in the same bed and equally pending their physical disability may need someone in the same bed or equally just need a larger bed because of their disability.


Kat says

"After raising a response with no resolved answers. I feel I have no choice but to voice my concerns. The website states guests will be provided with a “warm and inviting atmosphere” a “newly refurbished hotel“, “Newly renovated guest rooms” and a “fresh and modern guest room”. THIS IS NOT THE CASE!

Besides the fact the staff were generally disinterested, the bar area was dirty, unclean and had flies and the lounge area was dirty with dark sticky stains on the cushions,

To top it off, at 01.00am, I was unexpectedly woken up to the sound of dripping water. To my horror, it was pouring from the hotel room's ceiling down the wall and onto an electrical socket, splashing onto my clothes and the carpet was soaked. The noise was loud enough to wake me up, and I subsequently had to leave the hotel earlier, and this experience ruined the day's event due to how tired I was. The ceiling had previous damp patches so it would seem this was an ongoing and ignored issue. To allow unexpected guests to stay in an uninhabitable room is entirely unreasonable and causes a Health and Safety concern.

The expectation for a renowned 4-star hotel to ensure all areas of operation should meet the Four Star level of quality for cleanliness, maintenance and hospitality, and for the quality of physical facilities and delivery of services was not met when staying with Double Tree Hilton Hotel in Newbury!

I would avoid staying here and look for somewhere else!"

Mrs helen macqueen says

"Only one star to get started worse service we have ever had and complimentary breakfast obviously only way they can anyone to eat it.Breakfast was horrendous cheapeat of cheap ingredients food cold buffet area dirty .Overbooked us so put us in moxy hotel which was a great hotel friendly staff very professional told to come to doubletree for breakfast whole service from booking to breakfastca shambles do yourself a favour dp not gp thete if i could put minus stars i would so bad wpuld not stay for free. Hilton you should be ashamed."

Debbie says

"We were due to fly to Poland on 25th October 2020 so booked an overnight stay at Double Tree, Edinburgh Airport for the 24th. When we arrived we were greeted by a lovely Spanish receptionist, very friendly and knowledgeable, she engaged in conversation and nothing was too much trouble, can't fault this lady at all. We got our key and proceeded to our room. First impressions were good, the room looked clean and smelled fresh. However, after settling into our room, I lay down on the bed and wondered why the skirting boards looked as if the paint was dappled, to my horror it wasn't dappling, it was dust and lots of it. We didn't make a complaint about it although we should have, I only took some photos.
We went downstairs in the evening to enquire about breakfast for the following day half expecting to see the same smiling face we had seen earlier but it was a different receptionist. An older one who didn't have the same approach to her work as her colleague earlier. She almost had a "Hurry up because I can't be bothered" attitude, didn't come across as friendly and gave no explanation to us when she left the reception to deal with something in another area.
I booked Double Tree because we wanted something slightly better than the norm to start our holiday, aside from the lovely receptionist when we checked in, there was nothing 'slightly better' about this hotel. We wouldn't stay there again."

Duncan Field says

"Doubletree Swindon

I am staying now and they are allowing people to wander around the hotel without a mask unchallenged.

4 welsh chaps were checking in without masks and were allowed to do so until I enquired about masks.

That same evening they were taking drinks orders at the bar in contravention to the law and members of the original group were wandering around the premises without masks and took umberage when I told them to put masks on"

Sherry says

"I recently stayed at the doubletree in Galveston and was very disappointed. One of the headboards had holes in it the other one had coffee or soda splattered on it the blind was ripped. They say there beds are queen but it is more like a double or a very small queen. For what they charge for there rooms they should be ashamed. On a lighter note the staff was professional and friendly."

Denise "VeeVee" says

"I've stayed at lots of hotels in my life, but never stayed in a Hilton before now. I spent 4 days at the Hilton in London on my European adventure. My trip was great and the hotel was pretty nice, but I did expect a bit more luxury from a Hilton.

The staff were all lovely and the food was pretty good, but it didn't feel like anything particularly special considering I don't usually go for high-class hotels and tend to camp outside or AirBnB it.. if it's cold. I can't help thinking that I'm not really a "Hilton type", so maybe it's not fair to criticize the place, but I wanted to share my thoughts.

It's nice enough, but if you're anything like me.. just save money and go somewhere a bit cheaper or skip hotels and go for AirBnB."

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